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The Story of KhamPassion

This is the Story of Khampassion.
A little girl in the middle of a dirt road in Laos,
Green sandals among the gray clouds.
Short hair, cut like a little boy,
To disguise the innocence of her joy.
Daddy and mommy, where are we going in the middle of the night?
Escaping war, crazy bombs and deadly fights.
Crossing the Mekong River to Thailand’s refugee camp,
Her sister was born, under the midnight lamp.
Three years in camp, without many memories,
Only a light in the tunnel to set us free.
It's the year 1987 - tag number NP 004404, you are up,
Leaving for California, best of luck.
Only two dollars in our luggage, some paperwork and a machete,
“Why the knife, daddy?”
“Well, I might have to build you a house, sweetie.”

America is the land of opportunities and wealth,
Dad worked multiple jobs and mommy took care of everything else.
Little Brother was born, such a blessing,
We worked hard everyday, but we were still struggling.
Moved to Seattle for work - lived in a one bedroom,
It was a small space and tightly groomed,
We were hungry, there was nothing to eat.
I had two dollars for food at the Shell station across the street.
We attended church; best thing that ever happened.
Changed my life and learned about heaven.
The Grays, Schmidts, Culumbers, and others there,
Thank you for your mentoring, love and care.

Fast forward to college and that was done,
Married my roommate, an amazing one.
Bought our first home - the market crashed,
Everything we earned was thrown in the trash.
Got on my knees to pray by my bed,
God, if you’re listening, please guide me ahead.
I heard a voice that calmed my soul,
Have faith in me and I will show.
I made a promise from that moment on,
Work hard, give back, and abundance will be upon.
I have a purpose to be an inspiration,
To love one another and show Khampassion.

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