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It was almost inevitable that Greater Seattle REALTOR® Kham Beitlers would find herself in a successful real estate career. As a child, she spent many weekends touring local open houses and becoming fascinated with homes and architecture — so much so that she ended up getting her degree in it. After graduation, she began designing homes with a local developer and loan officer, who encouraged her to become a licensed agent. Now, 17 years into her career, she and her team work with home buyers and sellers in the Seattle, Eastside, and throughout King County.

While many agents cite outstanding customer service as their differentiating factor, Kham can point to her background in architectural design and home building as things that truly set her apart. “I’ve found clients really appreciate that value that I bring beyond what they normally expect from an agent,” she says. “My architecture knowledge is definitely an added bonus that stands out.” Of course, the customer service piece of the puzzle is also in place. Kham focuses on conducting herself with integrity and doing business guided by a set of clear ethics. “Honesty is a given for me,” she says. “I have to understand my clients’ goals and serve their interests first. If the house they like is something that’s going to be a ‘money pit’ or not the right investment, I will steer them away. I treat each transaction as if I were the client and think of how I would approach it I was in their shoes.”

Given her success in the industry, it’s not surprising that Kham finds herself being asked for advice from would be real estate agents several times a week. And what does she tell them? “I always say it takes time to get started and to think about why they want to be in this business,” she says. “The main thing is if someone wants to get into it just because they think they’re going to make a lot of money, it’s not going to work. You have to be self-motivated, have a bigger reason and be willing to make it a business, not just a job.” Additionally, she conveys the advice she received early in her career, that she still lives by today. “My mentor always told me if you put others first and aren’t selfish, you will get more out of your career. I’ve found that to be true!”

Kham’s client base of more than 80% referrals obviously agrees with that philosophy, and their positive feedback contributed to her being rated the 5% top agent nationally. “I cherish my past clients,” Kham says. “I always say that I care beyond the closing date. The personal relationships I maintain are the biggest reason I’m in real estate.”

It’s clear Kham loves every aspect of real estate and she shares that passion by serving others in the profession. She has spent the past years involved with the Women’s Council of REALTORS® and Board of Directors for Seattle King County REALTORS and Washington REALTORS Association. “I’m a strong advocate for other agents and I want to provide education and give them information they need to serve their clients effectively.” As her team continues to grow, Kham is excited about what the future holds. “I want to grow at a rate that allows us to maintain our exceptional level of service.”