The new Airbnb policy that was passed by the Seattle City Council states that new operators in Seattle will not be allowed to rent out more than two units using Airbnb or any short-term rental platform. The council informs us that the regulations have been placed as an effort to provide a bigger market for the city’s permanent residents who are looking for long-term rentals, and to prevent property owners from operating Airbnb’s and other short-term rentals as hotels.


The new rules limit hosts to two dwelling units each and require them to obtain special licenses to operate short-term rentals. The regulations also require short-term rental platforms — like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO — to obtain a special “platform license” to facilitate bookings in Seattle. However, some Airbnb hosts are exempt from the two-unit maximum. For example, if hosts already operating a short-term rental in the “Downtown Urban Center” (south of Olive Way and north of Cherry St.) will not be subject to any limits on the number of units they can rent. Outside of the downtown core, hosts who were already operating a short-term rental by Sept. 30, 2017 will be permitted to rent out their primary residence and an additional two units. Any new Airbnb hosts are limited to just two units total.


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