I am so proud to announce that I have been nominated as the Five Star Real Estate Agent for 2018. I have been selected among thousands of agents based on client reviews and feedback. Five Star Real Estate Agents represent those who are outstanding in their field. The winning agents are selected as a result of a rigorous and objective research process. For any market, each year’s field of winners represents no more than 7% of agents within the market.  


A huge thank you for trusting me in your real estate needs and for choosing me as your agent. I strive to make your home buying or selling journey a one of a kind experience, award like these motivate me to continue being the best agent I can be. Thank you!


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Are you looking to buy, or do you know someone who is? I would love to talk to you about the homebuying process, what to expect, and guide you in the right direction. We also cater to Spanish speaking clients. My assistant Andrea Roman is fluent in Spanish so if you have any referrals that speak Spanish, please send them our way.


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I would like to take this time to thank and CONGRATULATE my buyers, sellers and investors for the month of NOVEMBER.   



11/13/2018 Michael Zoch


11/16/2018 Jon and Donna McMurtrey


11/28/2018 Matt Bailey


11/30/2018 Molly Brueggeman



Happy Home ANNIVERSARY to my seasoned clients for the month of DECEMBER!




12/29/2010         Annie Gu


12/10/2012         Theresa Simolin


12/14/2012         Peter and Connie Gallagher


12/13/2013         Ha Nguyen


12/19/2013         Jeff Powel and Qi Wang


12/24/2013         Denise and Sydney Brown


12/11/2015         Tenzin Ghongpa


12/18/2015         Stephanie and Andrae Ross


12/23/2015         Caitlin Roper and Anthony Fernandez


12/28/2015         Vu Anh Vo


12/30/2015         Michelle Esteban


12/08/2016         Megan and Stephen Hong


12/16/2016         Nico and Jason Diem


12/16/2016         Arturo Ramirez and Cody McDonald


12/21/2016         Rob Allen and Dorothy Cheng


12/30/2016         Aisyln Angell


12/21/2017         Caitlin Anne Luebbe


12/28/2017         Mark Sieklucki


12/28/2017         Aubre Murray